Thursday, June 21, 2018

Disgraced Cdl. McCarrick. Lots More to Come?

Yah, well.  Many, many years ago, a woman named Randy Engel wrote a long series of articles for The Wanderer which exposed the irregularities, demi-heresies, and liturgical abuses going on in the Diocese of Newark.

The Bishop at the time?  McCarrick.

Now it turns out that Rod Dreher was on to McCarrick in the early 2000's but couldn't put it all in print--and Dreher advises there's a lot more than just one kid 50 years ago and a bunch of seminarians.

...I do know this much: in 2012, one reporter I know personally nailed the McCarrick story, with on-the-record interviews and having dug up court papers. The major magazine for which he was doing the story killed it at the last minute. To this day he does not know why. Again, I have an idea, but it is only speculation. I do know from my extensive, detailed conversations with this journalist, as well as from my own conversations with sources in 2002, that there is a lot more on this story yet to come out — that is, if reporters and editors are interested in making sure Cardinal McCarrick has his #MeToo moment....

Almost enough to make you ask where McCarrick ate his pizza in D.C., eh?

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