Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Lyin'Ryan Has "Alternatives" to Tariffs

Lyin'Ryan pukes forth the Establishment line on tariffs:

"I think tariffs are basically taxes, and what ends up happening is you get escalating tariffs, or escalating taxes," Ryan said.

(Two posts below we mentioned that Ryan is wrong; the system he's been happy with is actually well-disguised foreign aid.  But we march on!!)

..."There are unfair trading practices, no two ways about it, by other countries," he added. "I think it's in our interest to use other tools to go after those unfair trading practices to stop companies or countries from dumping, from cheating, from stealing, from doing IPR theft and the rest. But I think there are better tools than tariff increases."...

Paul, whose house is surrounded by a Wall (so he's really "Wall-Paul" I suppose) has not proposed a single "other tool" during this entire episode.  Not ONE.

Thanks for playing, Paul.  Why don't you quit now?

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