Sunday, June 10, 2018

Ignoring Trump's Tariff Suggestion. Surprised?

In a mid-length article political screed appearing in the Milwaukee Litterbox Liner, we find that all of Wisconsin businesses will soon be BK, homelessness will become rampant, all the lights will go out, and the oceans will rise and drown both coasts.  (This last may be a very good thing, however.  Stay tuned.)

A family-company manager named Doug Reigle (Regal Ware) admits that he has been supporting the economy of Canada Communist China by purchasing ChiCom aluminum through a fence called "Canada."

....real families are being crushed by these tariffs right now,” said Doug Reigle of Regal Ware, a company with 200 employees in West Bend that makes cookware and small kitchen appliances.
“We ship our products all over the world — 65 percent of our revenue comes from outside the United States …  and the tariffs are hitting us especially hard,” said Reigle, who said his firm has already spent about $150,000 this year to cover the tariffs....All of Regal Ware’s aluminum comes from Canada.  “We can’t even buy it in the United States,” Reigle said....

He makes Trump's point, of course.  The US aluminum industry is on its can (heh) because the Chinese Communists have driven it out of business.  Yes, that's a national security matter and I'm certain that Doug Reigle is very concerned about national security.  Right?

The authors even managed to find a guy moaning about the "severe" impact on BEER (aluminum cans, ya'know.)  Yah.  About 6/100ths of a penny per can.  Horrible.  Pearls are clutched, fainting-couch is under strain from heavyweight reporters smashing into it from their usual places on barstools...

Moving along.

Trump suggested that there should be NO tariffs among the G-7.  None.  Zip.  Nada.  And--of course--there should be no nation-state subsidizations of industries, either.  Imagine that!! A genuine "free market!!"

Not one word about that in the article political screed.    

What we have here, friends, is people who are perfectly happy with THEIR preferred policies (probably gained through the usual purchase-of-politician games) who are screeching because somebody ELSE'S preferred policies upset their apple cart.

Yah, well, ask anyone who took it on the chops when GM, Chrysler, and Ford shipped their manufacturing out of the US to places like Mexico, Communist China, and Africa.

I'm sure you'll get a very sympathetic response.

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