Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Communism Doesn't Work, Chapter 33,462

Marx/Lenin Communism does not work.

Aside from the tens of millions of murders committed by Stalin, Mao, Maduro, Ortega, Castro,, there's another little difficulty now showing up in Communist China.

...China is a production-based economic model, they do not have the ability, or wealth, to consume their own durable goods production; they rely on exports.

The U.S. is a more balanced economy; we consume 80% of our own production.  We are self-sustaining, China is not.

Without a market to sell their products, the Chinese economy cannot survive.

Conversely, China has focused so intensely on durable-goods manufacturing, their consumable goods market (food) is dependent; they cannot feed themselves.  The U.S. can survive without exporting food, China cannot survive without importing food.  The U.S. economy can survive without importing durable goods; the Chinese economy cannot survive without exporting durable goods.  This is the unavoidable trade reality. ...

The slave-labor model blessed by General Motors' Buick division (Envision CUV), Briggs & Stratton, FCUSA's Jeep (etc. ad infinitum) simply cannot work.  By no co-incidence, the only beneficiaries of this model are the Establishment rapists on both sides of the Pacific.

Strong language, but truth hurts.

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