Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sex Abuse Realities

Once upon a time, in the days when the Left was pushing "Sex Ed for Children" in the public (and parochial) schools, the Left was also pushing the line of crap that 'sex abuse occurred principally in the home'.  You know, predator-dads.  If you believed the Left, rape was a commonplace in the home, like eating breakfast and cutting the lawn.  And if you believed the Left, Sex Ed for Kiddies would stop this plague.  Uh-huh.

Truth finally got its boots on, and it turned out that what 'abuse' DID occur "in the home" was perpetrated not by Daddies, but by live-in (and usually serial) sex partners of the Mommies.

Well, there are actual statistics on sex abuse, in the UK.  Extensive long-lived database, yada.  Most likely are extremely close to US stats, too, given demographic similarities.

It is often claimed that most sexual abuse takes place within families. But only 28 per cent of witnesses say they were abused by relatives. Shockingly, around a quarter were abused by teachers or other educational staff, and a fifth by adult family friends or ‘trusted members of the community’. Fourteen per cent were abused by members of the clergy, 12 per cent by professionals such as doctors and social workers, and nine per cent by residential care workers.
 Gee, golly, what a SURPRISE!  The Left lied again!!  See *shocked face* here.

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