Saturday, June 16, 2018

Bishops Dump "Stewardship", Embrace Cult of Green

The latest demi-cult of the US Bishops is Green-ism.  And as usual, it's costing Catholics money.

...The U.S. bishops were pressed Wednesday to lend their collective and individual names to an environmentalist petition to reverse President Donald Trump’s decision to exit the controversial Paris Climate Agreement

Des Moines Bishop Richard Pates exhorted the bishops to endorse the Catholic Climate Covenant’s (CCC) U.S. Catholic Climate Declaration....

Blahblabblahblah fabbleyotzie crap.

The Paris agreement has nothing to do with "stewardship" and everything to do with the Green Cult--which worships Gaia, not God.

And by the way, did you know US Catholics are tossing money away on this?

...Pates is the Bishops’ liaison to the Catholic Climate Covenant (CCC), a D.C.-area nonprofit created in 2006 by the Bishops’ conference....

Let's look at the web-page.

...With the approval and support of the United States bishops, we help guide the US Church's response to the moral call for action on climate change by sharing authentic Catholic teaching on creation and the poor and by informing and inspiring community leaders to take action (education); by sharing stories of those most affected by climate impacts in the public square (public witness); and by providing concrete tools, techniques, and technical assistance to help Catholic peoples and institutions reduce their carbon footprint and to work for justice (resources)....

That's smarmy enough to make a Marine puke.  And notice how these twits pair "creation" and "the poor", implying that "carbon" creates the poor and destroys creation.   Bet you didn't know that, didja?

And didja know that you put $20,000.00 (or possibly $50,000.00) into that steaming pot stuff?

Well, now you do!  Happy??

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DaveinNC said...

Not one dime to these flaming heretics; unfortunately, I can't stop them from getting my tax dollars. I support several traditional, contemplative, orders of nuns who need to expand their monasteries due to increasing number of novices.