Saturday, June 30, 2018

Step Back From the Cliff, Sec'y DeVos

Maybe we should give Education Secretary DeVos some credit for effort.

But probably not.

DeVos continues her Statist program.  She's retaining "Common Core" (her denials are meaningless at best) and now wants the FedGov to institute the Euro Model of education, too. 

Maybe the Euro Model is a good idea.  But there's this "Constitution" thing which places education in the hands of the several States.  Not in the hands of George W Bush, nor Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, or the Communist Barack Hussein Obama.

And NOT in the hands of DeVos or the bureaucrats at DoE, (which should be abolished).

Time to back away from that cliff, Ms DeVos.  Right now.


Anonymous said...

The Euro model is real school choice. The State gives parents 100% of the tuition which they can spend on any school including religious schools.

Dad29 said...

That avoids the point that education is a STATE, not FED, role. Period.

And by the way, he who has the gold calls the tune. That's a warning...