Saturday, June 23, 2018

Russkis 1, Mueller 0. Big, Fat, ZERO

Mueller, starving for ANY conviction not reversible based on FBI shenanigans (see Gen. Flynn), indicted a bunch of Russkis a few months ago.  Since those Russkis were not subject to extradition, Mueller figured he'd abuse the Federal Courts to slap the crap out of these guys, declare "VICTORY!!" and go home.

The Russkis did not roll over and play dead.  Instead, they demanded a speedy trial AND demanded all the "incriminating" evidence that Mueller had.


Already eating Milorganite in large doses on this one, Mueller off-loaded the "case" to some US attorneys so they could taste the wonders of Milorganite, too!!

No wonder Mueller--who shaped the FBI we see today--has fewer and fewer friends in the US voting public.  One hopes that no one "doxxes" him, eh?

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