Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Pretty Much Says It All

Schlichter observes that the Pubbie Poohbahs in DC/NY think it's all over but the shouting for November.

...But nothing is a done deal. We have six months. The Republicans just need to get smart and fight.

Oh. Well, we’re doomed....

Pretty much the case.

...Yes, the Democrats do have a major advantage in the fact that the Republican establishment, especially in Congress, is largely a gaggle of drooling idiots. From Sissy Sasse to Foamy Marco, these fussy failures seem determined to demoralize the base with their tedious moralizing about how “We are better than that” and “Oh, well I never.” The GOP would have no problem if these dorks had just one tenth the will to win as they do the will to posture for the benefit of a liberal media that hates them and that will disembowel them the moment they stop being useful idiots and become merely idiots....--quoted at ColdFury

Yup.  That's true, too. 

Well.   Given what we saw in Wisconsin with the G.A.B. and the sleazeballs Falk, Schmitz, and  Chisholm--and the fact that it's being repeated in D.C. with another bunch of slimebucket lawyers, the thing to do is this:


And know how to use it.

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