Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Why the Rush Job, Congress?

We are told that Chairman Goodlatte (Judiciary), Chairman Nunes (Intel) and Chairman Gowdy (Oversight) are pressing the Department of Justice for unredacted memos from Comey on...whatever.


Recall that Gowdy is a Very Suspicious Character who more and more seems to be serving the Deep State rather than actual US citizen/taxpayers.  Nunes is a showboater.  Goodlatte's been around DC for a very long time........take it for what it's worth.


...U.S. Prosecutor John Huber is paralleling IG Horowitz on all investigative findings that fall into potentially criminal conduct.  The evidence being culled into the Huber files are not going to congress because they are potentially evidence in ongoing criminal cases.  The Huber evidence contains grand jury material and evidence of likely criminal conduct....

Once the material gets into Congress, it loses viability as criminal evidence, if nothing else but because the criminals then KNOW WHAT WE KNOW.  Get it?

So to repeat?  Why the Rush Job?  Hmmmmm??

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