Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Belling, McKenna Hammer Pubbie Poohbahs

Both McKenna and Belling have just HAMMERED the Stupid Party's Poohbahs--the Madison-centric Fat Cats who not only hand-picked the 'conservative' judge to run (stiff-arming the other conservatives who would have), but utterly mis-managed the campaign, using 30-ish Madistan "consultants" who--frankly--couldn't find Loon Lake if they were drowning in it.

McKenna and Belling are right.  When the campaign doesn't throw punches it ain't going to win.  Whether Screnock wanted to admit this or not, this is not a Marquis of Queensbury game any more.  Dallet lied big, lied often, and lied pretty well.  You cannot counter that with funeral-parlor tones about "constitutional practice."  And nobody gave a flying fart about Tuba Christmas, either.

Oh, well.  Maybe Scott Walker will wake up and smell the coffee.  HINT to SCOTT:  the coffee is flavored with Trump, like it or not.

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