Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Milo (!!) v. Fr Martin and Twit Megan Fox

Apparently the Jebbies' America magarag interviewed Milo Yiannopolous on the topic of homosexuality, but has spiked the item.

Maybe that has to do with Milo's aggressive non-PC approach to matters?

..."Amusingly, while the Jesuits struggled to decide if they could bear to publish my answers, one of the Church’s highest ranking Cardinals called out Fr. Martin by name as 'one of the most outspoken critics of the Church’s message with regard to sexuality,'" he said. "That means my side in this dispute enjoys support from a black prince of the Church [Cdl. Sarah] raised on a continent where martyrdom is common, while the other side’s champion is a white bourgeois man in whose life the worst threat is that the wine is a bit off this week. Ask yourself:  Which of these men would you want to have your six?"...

Well, indeed.....

Meantime, the author of the linked piece, one Megan Fox, confuses "free speech" with "spouting idiocy on Church grounds."

...Fr. Martin was recently disinvited from speaking at several events over the controversy, which should not happen in America. Shutting down speech is something the left does that conservative people should shun. It is imperative to respond to any hotly debated topic with more reasoned arguments, not less....

Ms. Fox, actual Conservatism recognizes that there is an end--a telos--which is The Prize, and speech which clouds the way to that telos, or which derogates from the priority of The Prize, should be banned under most circumstances.  In other words, "free speech" is not an absolute, just as SCOTUS has ruled.

It's not that Ms. Fox doesn't have a good grasp of the issues here; it's that she mis-understands priorities.  Since Fr. Martin is an excellent stand-in for Old Scratch, whose lies are NEVER blatant, Fr. Martin does not belong on a college campus except under tightly-controlled conditions.

Meantime, Milo is asking for prayer.  Let's accommodate him.

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