Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Should Be Interesting: (D) Gov Candidate

Some guy who works at a radio station pronounced "WIERD"--and it fits--is going to run in the (D) primary for Governor.

[Mike] Crute, who co-hosts the Devil’s Advocates Radio Show on WRRD 1510 AM in Milwaukee and WTTN 1580 AM in Madison and Columbus, told the Wisconsin State Journal he’s interviewed all of the other Democratic candidates for governor and wasn’t impressed with any of them.

“I don’t think any of them are being bold enough as campaigners to beat Scott Walker,” Crute told the State Journal. “I’m going to be shockingly bold. That means tune in.”

Crute has hired former “non-partisan” Government Accountability Board (GAB) attorney Shane Falk to be his election attorney....

Falk is easily the slimiest lawyer in the Upper Midwest.  Blago of Illinois isn't even close to Falk in that contest.  These are the people that a good cop follows around, knowing that there will be an incident.  And if you have children, make sure you're armed if these people are nearby.

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