Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Note to Camera Hogg & Co.

Ticker makes a valid point following yesterday's shooting by a wack-job Lefty woman.

Following the shootings, a network found someone who was present, and helpless.

...What you see in that video recorded and broadcast right after the event of someone who was there in a fast-food restaurant is a man.  A man who was willing but unable, as he was not armed because he obeyed the very laws you demand be expanded, to run into a gunfight and take on the shooter.  He explicitly stated, on the air, "I did not have a gun BUT I WISH I HAD."
That's what men do -- protect innocent people from nutjobs and, in a time of immediate need, take out the trash, even at risk of their own lives.

Pajama Boys rant and rave about laws, swear up a blue streak and "demand" that someone else go confiscate arms from those who would protect innocent civilians from raving nutjobs when the cops either can't (because they're not there) or won't (because they're also Pajama boys) do the job that needs done....

Yah, well.  Camera Hogg has no idea of what manhood is all about, and likely never will.

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