Saturday, April 07, 2018

Fed Blackrobe Wrong (Surprise!!)

Some yotz with a black robe and a Federal salary ruled that the State of Massachusetts can ban the AR-15.

Because it is 'military grade.'

Funny.  I thought the 2A specifically mentioned the military.  You know, "militia" and all that.

Scalia's fuzzy opinion in Heller--which pretended to reconcile the 'militia' language with possession of arms--was written to get a majority to sign on to the opinion.  The case was about handgun possession and had a huge 'sympathy factor' because it was about self-defense.  If SCOTUS had ruled against self-defense, the 'rule of law' would have suffered another very serious blow--perhaps a fatal one.

So he hedged his bet, knowing full well that his blather about 'reconciliation' was just that, and figuring that SCOTUS will hear another case, sometime, on the AR's. 

Well, that's going to happen.  Maybe a new SCOTUS will rule that the AR may be banned.

Good luck with that. 

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