Monday, April 23, 2018

John Brennan's Communist Dreams From His Father

John Brennan, Obozo's CIA director, supported the Communists.  That linkage (Obama and Brennan) is key knowledge with respect to why Obama's Administration was spying on Donald Trump. 

Those two--Obama and Brennan--have a bond in Communism.  Remember that Obama's "father-figure" Frank Marshall was a Communist.  Don't EVER forget that.

Now we also know that Obama & Co. began spying on Trump, noting the names of several hundred Trump supporters and contacts, without ANY "national security" excuse whatsoever.

(Really, we knew that a long time ago.  It just became official yesterday.)

The Communists have long held the objective of destroying the United States economically and politically.  They came within a whisker on the political side in November 2018.

Don't forget that, either.

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