Friday, April 06, 2018

"Deep State" = Military-Industrial Complex

Trump is right:  the US's involvement in Syria should end very soon.  "Nation-building" exercises are useless in the long run and Potemkin-esque in the short one.

The opposition to Trump is labeled "the Deep State."

But if you use the rule "FOLLOW THE MONEY", you will understand that the "Deep State" is actually what Eisenhower warned against:  the Military-Industrial complex

Look--whether or not you believe that the Iraq war was a good thing--it sure as Hell provided a great deal of money to The Complex, no?  CIA, Lockheed, Loral, the guns-and-ammo manufacturers....

Walking away from Syria will cut off a big chunk of that cashflow.

This is not hard.  It is not complicated.  Follow the money.  

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