Friday, April 13, 2018

McCabe Leak Was Against Hillary (!!!)

The whole IG investigation of McCabe happened because he leaked info which dirtied Hillary's skirts--specifically, that there was an FBI investigation of the Clinton Family Foundation.


And of course, he lied about that leak, so he was fired.

...Note that if this is true, we have Obama officials attempting to pressure FBI officials to drop an investigation into Obama's would-be successor, Hillary Clinton.

Yet I don't think the media will be talking about that.

It was this leak, and apparently only this leak, that roused the Deep State enough to get them to investigate McCabe for leaking.

The conclusions of the report is that McCabe was asked twice, not under oath, by the FBI if he had leaked to the WSJ about this or if he knew who had leaked to the WSJ about this. He claimed he did not leak and did not know who did, despite being in frequent communication with "Special Counsel" before and after her call to the WSJ making the leak, and asking her how it went and etc....

As Ace observes, shooting at The Queen of the Coven is dangerous, indeed.

Plenty more IG reports to follow, by the way.  This is only Part One of at least three.....

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