Saturday, April 07, 2018

TN Illegals-Raid: Employers Also Criminals

Maybe this is what the Chamber of Commerce had in mind for those 'guest workers'??

...In a federal affidavit, IRS Special Agent Nicholas Worsham said the family-run plant is under criminal investigation for allegedly evading taxes, filing false tax returns and hiring immigrants in the country illegally.

He alleged the facility failed to report $8.4 million in wages and to pay at least $2.5 million in payroll taxes for dozens of undocumented workers.

Federal agents began investigating the company months ago after Citizens Bank employees noticed that Southeastern Provision was withdrawing large sums of cash every week - more than $25 million since 2008. Worsham said the plant hired undocumented workers who were paid in cash and subject to harsh conditions, including long hours without overtime and exposure to bleach and other chemicals without protective eyewear...

Ah, yes.  "Creative Destruction" at its finest.

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Dave P. said...

This is one out of many reasons why I oppose illegal immigration. Without proper documentation and status, they are vulnerable to being exploited.

Also, if the Feds want to mean business on cracking down on illegal immigration, going after businesses who knowingly hire them will help immensely.