Tuesday, April 03, 2018

PJB, Triumphant

Anyone who knows what PJBuchanan was all about when he took on Globaloney Primo--Bush the Old--knows that Trump achieved what Buchanan desired.

And PJB knows it.  And he knows that his enemies have not changed.

...And Trump’s agenda of economic nationalism — restoring the industrial dynamism and self-sufficiency America knew from Lincoln to Reagan — faces relentless hostility from institutionalized power.

Against Trump stand corporate elites, whose profits and stock options depend on producing outside America, and the managerial class of a New World Order that runs the EU, U.N., IMF, World Bank and WTO.

Yet if global elites are hoarding the largest slice of the wealth of nations and a goodly slice of their political power, one senses that they are an unloved crowd, and they are sitting on a volcano....

A volcano which is well-armed, too.

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