Thursday, April 05, 2018

Target's "No Sex Here" Major Fail

The other day I had a choice of buying an item from WallyWorld or from Target.  Same item, same price, national brand, need-to-have....yada.

Chose WallyWorld PRECISELY because of this:

Openly-progressive Target prides itself on allowing biological men to enter the women's restroom if that is how they self-identify. The policy, enacted in 2016, outraged conservatives for fear it would put women and girls at risk.

According to NBC Chicago, police are now on the hunt for a man who exposed himself to a child in the women's restroom at a Target store in the South Loop....

I hope that the little girl's Mommy sues the living crap out of Target for 'failure to protect' and wins large money.  REALLY large money.

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