Sunday, April 15, 2018

Ugly, Ugly, Weather

Recognizing that people about 100 miles north of here are dealing with 12" - 20" of snow--OK, they get a little sympathy.

But it's ugly here, too.  Freezing rain last night, which accumulated between lanes on the highways making passing the (ultra-slow grannies) ...ahhh.....exciting!!

When the freezing rain stopped, it became snow.  You're talking super-dooper-snowball snow!!  Snow that you could roll into a 6', 3-segment snowman in 20 minutes or less, except that your back couldn't take the load.   It was so thick and unforgiving that a 20-mile trip on 2- and 3-lane highways took about 50 minutes this morning.  Ugly.

The usual snow-to-rain conversion ratio is 1" snow would be 1/10th" rain (10 to 1). This stuff is probably 30% wet.  If it gets cold, it will become like granite.

Fortunately, it will be gone by Wednesday or so.  We think.  Maybe. 

And it could come back; in 1988 (??) we had a 4" pile of similar-weight snow that created a LOT of firewood from fully-leafed-out--and then broken--trees.  That was in May.

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Dave P. said...

May 10, 1990. I remember it well.