Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Cryin' Jay Weber Cries a River

Local RadioMouth Cryin' Jay Weber wails and snorts about Trump's tariffs which--in his wise and comprehensive economic take--will ruin the US economy.  This is because in Jay's world, there will be no new US steelworkers and no new US aluminum workers. 

Worse, since Communist China slapped counter-tariffs on some US goods including pork, Weber's World will have no more US hog farmers.  They will all die off (no matter that the US Government provides about $25 BILLION in farm subsidies.)

And--MOST WORSTEST--Cryin' Jay will never be able to retire because the stock market is down because..... tariffs.  Not down because bull market ran out of steam after 8 year run.  Not down because tech stocks were overbought by a ton and the cracks in those seams are a mile wide.   Nope.  Down because Trump!  Trump!!!

Cryin' Jay wants Obama back so he can retire.

That can't happen fast enough, by the way. 

Hey, Jay!!  Ask the folks in Galesburg, IL., about early retirement after their jobs were exported to other countries.  Or Milwaukee Electric Tool.  Or ask Bud Selig about re-doing all those ChiCom steel beams for Miller Park.  Go ahead.

Cry us a river.

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