Monday, April 09, 2018

Lead in Milwaukee Pipes and MMSD

Want to know how the City of Milwaukee will pay for the $2 BILLION cost of replacing its lead pipes?

First, they'll try to bankrupt another paint manufacturer, having already done so to Mautz.  But the target isn't stupid, so it's moving, and has prominently mentioned Milwaukee's lead service pipes as another cause of poisoning problems.  Heh.

Well, then.  How will Milwaukee pay for the replacements if Sherwin-Williams won't bend over?

Easy.  It's the MMSD solution; find a (D) Legislature and Governor, and have them force Waukesha, Washington, Milwaukee and Ozaukee COUNTIES to pay for it.  Remember that the City's property-tax haul does not cover the cost of the City's cop-shop and you'll know how desperate the finances really are in that s&^%hole.

And why Milwaukee has a very, very, serious interest in flipping the State Government.

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