Friday, April 06, 2018

Get OVER It, Charlie-Hillary

Sykes is still crying about Trump and Trump voters.  So I guess that makes Charlie another Hillary, eh?

Like a number of other Glamour Pundits who are (just coincidentally) former Lefties, Charlie ignores the big picture of Trump's regime so he can nitter-natter around the ankles.

The Big Picture?

Yah.  That's "AMERICA (and the AMERICAN CITIZENS) FIRST".  (There was another time when that slogan was bandied about--by John F. Kennedy).

That 'splains the wall, the whacking of China, the withdrawal of troops from eternal-harm's-way in the Middle East, and dismantling all of the Obozo/Clinton/Bush/Bush/Nixon crapola called "EPA" and ObozoCare.

Maybe Charlie prefers Obama, like Jay Weber seems to.

Me?  I'm pleasantly surprised, but still sending money to Cruz.

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