Thursday, April 05, 2018

Anent Trump-ism and Stupid Party-ism

It seems that the Stupid Party people DISAPPROVE of Trump's approach to matters of State and matters Domestic.  See below post for one example wherein Tommy "Tax 'Em" Thompson says Trump is a bully.  A Madistan-area pundit who advertises 'conservative' is horrified, or maybe even revolted!!! by Trump's style.  Pearls are clutched, couches crack from swooning....

Given all that, it is credibly argued by two local-ish radiomouths that the namby-pamby Marquis of Queensbury George W Bush techniques simply do not work.  Contrast the Trump election vs. the SCOWI election in Wisconsin.  (For the dense, Trump won this state, and the conservative candidate lost.)

Then there's Ace.

...This is most of the reason people voted for Trump: everyday Americans ... are sick and tired of being bullied and want someone to finally start pushing back.

But the cucks laugh at that rationale. Why, it's silly to think you're being bullied, Hobbits....

Nah.  Queer "marriage," tranny-demands, abortion, "White/Christian/Grammar/Whatever Privilege" (all of which are refried Marxist class warfare) and the demand that we give up the means to defend ourselves, our families, our culture, and--if needed--the nation, from ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic.....

Shove your politeness where the sun never shines.

Or maybe we'll make a deal:  you'll get the same respect from us that you give us in the first place.

Don't like that?  Go back to "Up yours!"

UPDATE:  Z-man also comments on the Williamson story.  Here's a bit:

...One of the great mistakes of the Buckleyites has been to think they can cut a deal with the Left, by purging people to their right. The various groups in polite conservative circles have been silent as people on our side have been systematically attacked by the orthodoxy and shut out of public debate....

IOW, Joe Sobran was right.  I met Joe, by the way, after he was knifed by Bill Buckley.  First thing Joe asked me was how to find the Extraordinary Form Mass in town.

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