Friday, April 06, 2018

Dear Rush: About Planned Perversion.....

Rush Limbaugh asked 'why Planned Parenthood is pushing perversion education in grade schools.'

Here's the short response:

Best "short answer" to your question as to 'why Planned Parenthood educates chilluns in perversion' is this:  Planned Parenthood has ALWAYS educated/advocated perversion.  They merely have changed the colors of the painting.

Artificial contraception is a perversion whether we like it or not, and it's been Planned Perversion's foundation since Sanger.  She painted that pig with "eugenics", which is a form of playing God.  When that line proved repulsive (thank you, Hitler), Planned Perversion went to V 2.0:  "Love is sex is love is sex is love.....and if there are babies, kill 'em!!!"  That, too, is losing traction among the young., so now comes V 2.1:  "Perverts R Us!!"

Planned Perversion opposes all that stuff in the Declaration about "nature and nature's God."  It's that simple.

That's really too short, but it's accurate.

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