Friday, February 02, 2018

The Obama/Comey/Clinton Crime Syndicate

Yes, that's what it was.  Obama and Hillary both committed serious crimes against the US while they were in office, like multiple and flagrant violations of the Espionage Act and illegal 'conversion' of Clinton's State Department offices to the benefit of the Clinton family.  And let's not forget selling the uranium mines to the Russians.

And spying on US citizens who were associated with Donald Trump.  (Spying on political opponents is just what Francis Schmitz and Slimebucket Chisholm did, too.  Democrats are all the same.)

Obama and Clinton were aided by Comey and Lynch--and when Trump won the election, they HAD to make criminals out of Trump's people--like Mike Flynn.

It's all in this podcast from Dan Bongino.  You have to pay for it, but it is 2 hours and 45 minutes of pure gold.  Bongino knows how the Feds work (he was one) and he has sources, too.

By the way, the report on some of this comes out today.  It's likely we will learn that Mike Flynn was railroaded:  indicted and tried on false pretenses.  THAT is why Mueller asked for a delay of sentencing, friends.

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