Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Fire Sessions? Nope. He's Going to Put Cecile Richards in Prison

Although yours truly is extremely unhappy with Sessions' decision to ignore Hillary's criminal espionage (and that of all her subordinates, and Obama), it's not yet time to fire Sessions.  Not even close.

The Swamp is vast, people.  Trump is starting at one end (regulation, taxation, foreign policy/armed forces, national security) and Sessions has been tasked with taking the other end, the far-less-visible, beneath-the-radar investigations and house-cleanings that take time, personnel, and patience.

Like this one:

...U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced that Planned Parenthood is indeed currently under criminal investigation by the FBI and the DOJ, (hopefully not by those involved with the dubious Trump Russian investigation)....

Planned Parenthood is a criminal enterprise which has killed THOUSANDS more than The Mob, or--for that matter--even Jos. Stalin.  But they are clever and have a lot of very close friends in The Hive.  Sessions has a hard job here.

By the way:

...As news that the Nunes memo was soon to be released – a memo that was purported to implicate those involved with the Fusion GPS fake Russian dossier – Richards suddenly tendered her resignation as CEO of Planned Parenthood on January 24, 2018....

As Tom Clancy and other sages have often said:  "There is NO SUCH THING as co-incidence."

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