Saturday, December 09, 2017

WI. "Ethics" Chief Doesn't Know from Fifth Amendment

The Deep State is in Madison, WI.  And--as Brad Schimel has shown--it is a criminal enterprise there, just as much as in Mordor-on-the-Potomac.

We note that the Wisconsin "Ethics" Board chair seems to have a problem understanding the Fifth Amendment.  The Fifth is what IS INVOKED when demanding right-to-counsel in a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION.

...Halbrooks provided a timeline that showed the pair told DOJ they would have to talk to the commission before agreeing to the interview because it “previously instructed outside counsel before taking individual interviews.”...

...Halbrooks said DOJ wanted to speak with Bell and Buerger separately, which necessitated outside counsel because Buerger is the staff attorney who would otherwise represent Bell in such an interview.

“We had to have somebody there listening,” Halbrooks said, stressing, “There was no refusal to answer.”...

You want "listening"?  Buy a tape recorder.   

It wasn't "listening" you wanted, Halbrooks.

By the way, this Buerger guy, who played a prominent role in the CRIMINAL JOHN DOE events, is going to get an "attaboy" from the "Ethics" Board.  Surprise!!

It's a f*&^%*g joke out there.

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