Saturday, December 09, 2017

Trumpet Player Has Guts. Good!

This is unprecedented.  I've seen well over 100 symphony concerts live (and another few dozen on the teevee) and I've NEVER seen this happen.

A classical musician walked off the stage after a pop singer mocked a Christmas carol and criticized Republicans in the U.S. Congress. Manny Laureano, Principal Trumpet for the Minnesota Orchestra, made the silent protest during a Rufus Wainwright concert in Minneapolis’ Orchestra Hall on the evening of December 2. Wainwright,...

Actually, it's "DOOFUS Wainwright," based on the rest of the news story.  Doofus is a professional pain in the ass (in more ways than one) and virulent anti-Christian.

The trumpet player may catch Hell from the symphony, of course.  And he should toss it right back at them.


Anonymous said...

Tis the season for the mighty to fall.... Like a spontaneous purge once folks wake up and recover a sense of self respect.....

It is a little late for a similar protest to occur in NYC due to the antics of this creep.

NYC values you know.......


Anonymous said...

This too...

Wake up with Manny

Very nice.
Enesco -- LEGENDE Manny Laureano

however I like this best
Doc Severinsen, Manny Laureano, Charles Lazarus, Jamming

Saint Revolution said...

There's a dead skunk in na middle o' da road,
Dead skunk in da middle o' da road.
There's a dead skunk in na middle o' da road,
And it's stinkin' ta high Heav'n.

Wainwright the punk, the skunk.