Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Dr. Ed Peters Forgets Propaganda

The estimable Dr. Ed Peters disputes Dr. R. DeMattei's take on "magisterial authority."

Peters is right.  Legally, the flapjaw from Pp. Francis and some Bishops around the world, is nothing but a dust-bunny.  It has no LEGAL, and little if any MAGISTERIAL consequence.

But I would gently remind Dr. Peters of the Bishops' Committee on the Liturgy dustup.  Rembert Weakland chaired the music sub-committee of BCL.  That committee--lacking a quorum--issued a "licet" on using hootenanny, guitars, etc. during the Mass.  Rembert did a happy-dance announcing same.

The proclamation had NO legal force; since there was no quorum, there was no licit vote, and the "permission" was invalid.


The proclamation was propaganda, and the propaganda prevailed.

With all due regard to Dr. Peters, that is the lesson to be learned.


Anonymous said...

Well what do you expect from someone who still claims that the Second Vatican Council "should not be listed alongside a heresy (Modernism) as a possible source of disaster"? The ambiguity of Vatican II and the Norvus Ordo Mass that resulted, were the triumph of Modernism and Freemasonry. Dr. Peters may be a good Canon lawyer, but that doesn't necessarily mean he gets the big picture.

Mr. Janney said...

THAT is a pithy observation! Like a freshly-sharpened dagger to a hunk of tofu.

It seems we little people, lacking mandatums of any kind, are regularly needing to remind authority figures, whether our parish priest or in this case a renowned canonist, what impacts actually take place in the wake of dalliances with orandi & credendi.

Ronald Sevenster said...

Exactly to the point! said...

Totally agree. Satanic propaganda doesn't need quorums or "AAS-ability" to serve its purpose as propaganda.

Unknown said...

Which US why the Francis Papacy will be revolutionary. From the get go Francis' proxies only sought for heretical behavior, not finalized,"offical" heretical wording. Over time the behavior will become the word.

Keep the opposition burrowed in language. Keeps the occupied as the newly approved behavior makes itself at home.

Kathleen1031 said...

Agreed, because people don't fact check what they hear, and what's that Socialist mantra, "repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth", or some such. So these guys don't have to make anything official, just hearing it makes it "true" for a lot of people.