Wednesday, December 06, 2017

"No Guns" Milwaukee??

A few folks open-carried on a project in north-central Milwaukee.  I won't defend the guy who was brandishing (idiot!!), and open-carry is NOT concealed-carry;  but there is an interesting followup here.

...City policy prohibits workers from taking dangerous weapons to the workplace, and some aldermen have voiced concerns about subcontractors bringing guns to work -- something that's against city policy....

The City supplies armed guards for its Mayor, of course.

Anyhow.  The "policy" that you see on this news-report appears to encompass ONLY City employees, not contractors, nor sub-contractors.  

For the time being, the City of Milwaukee is solvent; thus, people who really need work will have to bring the Vaseline and bend over to the City's demands, Constitutional or not.  Solvency, however, is only a matter of time.

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