Friday, December 22, 2017

McCabe Scores ZERO For Credibility

So this is what passes as "investigatory excellence"?

McCabe, the #2 Feeb, testified to the House about the Trump dossier.  You remember that, of course, It told the story of Trump's stay in a Moscow hotel where he had requested whores to pee all over the bed.

Right.  That one.  The one John McCain personally took to the Feeb offices.

So McCabe, still smarting from his wife's loss in Virginia despite $several $hundred $thou in contributions arranged by Friend of Hillary Terry McAuliffe, shows up to talk about it.

...On a number of occasions, when asked about what in the dossier had been corroborated by the FBI, McCabe gave answers such as — these are not precise quotes — I can't answer that, or I don't know how to answer that. Indeed, that was McCabe's answer when he was asked for the most important piece of information in the dossier that the FBI had been able to verify.

At one point, McCabe was reminded that another top FBI official had months ago told the House that the bureau had not been able to corroborate the dossier. McCabe's response was noncommittal.

After the questioning established that McCabe would not verify any substantive allegation in the dossier, he was asked if he stood by its veracity. McCabe said he did....

OK.  So the Feebs could not verify one damn thing here (except that some schlub went to Moscow once).  Not one damn thing.  But THAT is the foundation for a $$Bazillion-dollar investigation run by another FEEB, because this FEEB says 'Yah, the report, it's really accurate, ya'know.'

Offhand, I'd say that we're overpaying this guy by about 100%.

By the way, there's no reason to think that the FEEBs can't do this to you, or anyone you know.  That ought to leave you sleepless at night.

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