Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Milwaukee Juvie-Judge: 'We Can't Lock Them Up'

There are reasons that people carry guns in the City of Milwaukee.

This judge is one of them.

...Judge Joe Donald is the Presiding Judge for Milwaukee County Children's Court. He's in charge of deciding the fates of hundreds of kids every year. 

"It is very difficult to say with certainty whether any particular penalty is going to stop a kid from re-offending," he says. "It's a matter of putting the right kids, in the right situation, for the right length of time." 

Judge Donald says sending juveniles to places like Lincoln Hills remains a final resort. 

"If we do that, as a system, we have failed," he says. "Simply locking them up, in my opinion, is not a solution." ...

He is of the opinion that Lincoln Hills is too far away from the Little Darlings' homies.  Hard for the rest of the crew to visit them, ya'know, without car-jacking some old lady at Bayshore.

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