Sunday, December 24, 2017

Why is Brett Hundley in the NFL?

The Green Bay Packers have had a lengthy run with Aaron Rogers at QB; based on his performance and stats, he should be in the Hall of Fame on first ballot, and on the Lambeau Field Ring of Honor as soon as he retires.

The Packers are spoiled; remember that Rogers replaced Favre, another superstar QB.

So being spoiled, they drafted a kid to be #2 to Rogers, just in case.  And then, this year, the "just in case" arrived.

Ugh.  Ted Thompson should hope that THIS is not the legacy he's remembered for.

At Lambeau, Hundley's QB rating was just north of 59 (FIFTY NINE!!!!!!) going into last night's utter disaster against Minnesota.  As usual, Hundley overthrew about half his passes.  As usual, he had to run out of the pocket to gain yardage.  And even that didn't bring the Packers within field-goal distance for one of the league's premier kickers.


He's probably a nice kid, and yes, he can run.   He's been docile, sitting on the bench and apparently absorbing NOTHING from Rogers, or even from opposing QBs.  In the games that the Packers did manage to win with this nice young fellow at QB, he awakened in the last 10 minutes of the game, which is not really a good time to figure out where you are and what you're supposed to do.

Meantime THIRD string QB's are winning games for--among others--Minnesota.

(If you think that I'm being mean, check out Silverstein's remarks here:  THOSE are mean.)

Rumors are that Capers is in his last season.  Maybe he'd like to take a nice, docile, QB with him to his next assignment?  Please?  Pretty Please?????

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