Sunday, December 10, 2017

About Jacob Flom, the Communist

Channel 6 found a "young workers' committee" union member who does not like KKK signage on worksites.

We don't like that stuff either.

But that "young worker" may--repeat, MAY--have an interesting background.

...I name names. Jacob Flom is a chapter president, and told me at the IVAW national convention last year that he’s a communist using IVAW to recruit veterans to his radical communist ideology. Oh yeah, he was in the air force for a little while after 9/11 and never left CONUS. He’s not even an Iraq vet...

At one time, the AFL-CIO had expelled all its Commie members.  Originally, they were separate organizations--but the AFL took over the CIO when it was clear that the CIO needed serious sanitizing.  Apparently the Commies are now welcome to return.  You can bet that Old Man Meany is spinning wildly in his grave.

Frankly, no Commie should be virtue-signaling any damn thing at all, and Channel 6---Ted Perry's bunch--should find someone else to interview.

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