Monday, December 18, 2017

The Gerrymandering of Alabama?

Our less-than-bright Wisconsin Democrats should pay attention to this item.

Democrat Doug Jones won the Alabama special Senate election, 50 to 48 percent...even as Jones won, he carried only one of the state’s seven congressional districts....

Huh.  Must be gerrymandered, eh?

Sorry, but only a second-class tuna or an angry (and ignorant) Democrat can make that argument.

...[Alabama is truly gerrymandered] only if you believe that following the prevailing interpretation of the Voting Rights Act is underhanded. That doctrine is that redistricters must maximize the number of “majority minority districts,” which in the case of Alabama means maximizing the number of black-majority districts....

...Jones’ 50 percent of the votes enabled him to carry the same number of Alabama’s seven congressional districts — one — as Hillary Clinton’s 34 percent enabled her to carry. But Jones got 47 to 49 percent of the two-party votes in four other congressional districts. If his performance came to be the new normal, Republicans in those districts would be very vulnerable to Democrats....

Maybe Wisconsin Democrats want to repeal the Voting Rights Act, or its prevailing interpretation?  Be our guest.

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