Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Slimebags: Democrats and Statists, All

This is the national story:

...It now appears that an elaborate plot was crafted to generate phony accusations of dirty ties to Russia that would be used to get a FISA Court warrant to “unmask” members of the Trump campaign, and thereby enable spying on that campaign. We do not know how many members of that campaign were “unmasked” (i.e., spied on), but there are suggestions that the list ended up quite long.
Bit by bit, evidence is leaking out connecting the members of that cabal at senior levels of the Department of Justice and the FBI with shadowy operatives in the private sector....

Which happens to mirror, precisely, the Wisconsin John Doe story.  Lies were concocted to justify a "legal" investigation which turned into a wholesale compromise of ALL personal communications.  

Here, the commentariat forgets John Chisholm and the Kenosha judge-ette--a high-school pal of Francis Schmitz, by the way--in favor of Schmitz himself, and the rabid dog Falk in Madistan.  (Is he still on the State pay-tit??)

Don't forget any of them.  When you see them, be sure to spit in their direction.

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