Monday, December 18, 2017

MKE Priest: "I'm Gay!"

Ordained in 1992, so this isn't exactly a shock.  While a lot of Catholics blame +Rembert Weakland for everything wrong with the Church in Milwaukee, this man began his studies while +Wm. Cousins was the Archbishop of Milwaukee. his predecessor, Wm. Cousins, had serious problems in the seminaries.  Under Cousins, both the major (college and post-grad) AND the minor (high-school) seminaries were infested with homosexuals--administrative, teachers, and students.  Not much changed during Weakland's reign.*

The linked item is very carefully written, of course.  One gets the impression that the priest has never engaged in any homosexual conduct, and of course we fervently hope that that is true!!  At the same time, it is notable that Benedict XVI repeatedly banned homosexuals from ordination (and from seminaries).  Benedict was no dummy.  To have homosexuals in the priesthood is analogous to having women joining men in combat in the military.  Lots of downside risk.  Lots.

No matter what Father Greiten says, the fact is that homosexuality is a grave disorder.  Some homosexuals handle it pretty well; others do not.  We will also question Cozzens' speculation that 25-38% of Catholic priests are homosexuals.  Since about 5% of the general population is so afflicted, a 5X-7X multiple would be an extreme outlier, to say the least.

UPDATE:  The priest has his own page and has Somatic Experiencing.  Or something.

*A close reading of Fr. Greiten's story hints that his minor seminary years were spent at St. Lawrence near Fond du Lac, WI.

(Personal footnote:  I was present at the groundbreaking for St. Bernadette parish, the first pastor of which was Fr. Ahrens who went there from St Mary/Elm Grove.  Small world...)


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Professional sex addict, or something like that:

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Ordination was in 1992, actually.

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