Wednesday, December 06, 2017

The Stench of Lawyers and Their Deep State

Well, well, well.  Owen placed a link on his blog--a link to Brad Schimel's report on the (mostly illegal) activities of the John Doe/G.A.B./Special Prosecutors who made up a law and then subpoenaed every damn thing they could think of.

They also ran the M-16A1 equipped pre-dawn raids on homes of Republicans.  Not Democrats--just Republicans--some in their pajamas, some not home at the time so their kids could be scared half to death--and NONE allowed to call an attorney or anyone else.

(Those guys open-carrying in Milwaukee?  They were thinking of John Chisholm's typical approach to any conservative.)


Did you know that there was a THIRD John Doe?  And that there was no "authorization" for it?  And that John Doe captured millions of pages of emails from- and to-various Republicans, elected and non?

Oh, yes.  There was.  And the Deep State is right here in Wisconsin.

I'd love to think that John Chisholm will be leaving Milwaukee in tar and feathers (over his pajamas) after a pre-dawn armed raid including flash-bangs, while his wife is held at gunpoint as the mob clears out their possessions; and at the same time, the two slime-dog "assistants" of his are dragged out of town behind speeding cars and their goods are burned on the street.

But that won't happen.

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