Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Newest Racket: "White Privilege Counseling"

While Global Warming is--by far--the most lucrative racket of the last 20 years, the "white privilege" racket is a contender.

...That’s what I suspect is at the root of the white privilege nonsense. Rather than locate an actual bad white man and haul him into the public square to be pilloried, they have invented this miasma they call “privilege.” It’s not actually privilege, as in a special right or immunity from certain laws. Instead it is a mysterious force that can only be realized through a set of sacred rituals. A shaman of sorts, usually called a diversity counselor, guides the white person through the process so they can see their privilege....

The shaman/shawoman/sha-whatever collects their fee, plus expenses, and departs, usually first class ticket.

This racket is closely connected to the other one, the "sexual harassment" racket.  Since "sexual harassment" can ONLY be perpetrated by men--the majority of whom in this country are white--the fees double.  Expenses may double, too.  Who cares, when it's in pursuit of equality?

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