Friday, December 29, 2017

Who Elected This Bozo?

Apparently this guy won at least one election

...Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.) told CNN he disagrees with Trump because the Russia investigation "speaks to our transparency in many ways."

"The fact is the Russians meddled in our elections... they meddled throughout the world, and it's important that this be investigated both by Congress and by Director Mueller," Dent said. "I think Director Mueller has been he is a man of integrity. He has been fair. And we ought to let him do his work and lets see what he finds before we all jump to conclusions."...

Dear Congressman Dumbcluck:  I don't know about "Republicans," but I know that conservatives support LEO's who unfailingly act with integrity.  That would exclude the former Director/FBI, the current #2 banana therein, and several layers of the Justice Department.

As to "meddling":  when did this come to you?  It's been going on since Stalin, and of course, we do the same.  So by all means, send Putin a nastygram.  See if that stops him.  Maybe you should go over there and confront him face-to-face.  That'll show him!


Anonymous said...

Slow news night?

Grasping for anything relevant?


Dad29 said...

You got a problem with that?

This "RUSSIANS!!!!" bullshit is ridiculous. When you get over the heebie-jeebies--real or imagined--it's just business as usual. We do it, Russians do it, Iranians do it, Chinamen do it......

If Congressmen want to be pure as the snow, by the way, they could always outlaw lobbying and never, ever, take donations to their campaigns.

Oh--wait!! SOME interference is good!