Sunday, December 17, 2017

For Dave in Madistan and Charlie, Wherever He May Be

Blaska remains a never-Trumper as does Sykes.  (I assume that about Charlie because I never heard nor saw anything more about him after his stint at MS-LSD.)  RedState is becoming an embarrassment on the level of Joe Buck, to mix it up a bit.

Here's Klavan to help them get it.

...People almost never adjust the way they look at life. It would mean risking their sense of their own wisdom and virtue.

This is why so many pundits both on the left and right are completely blind to what happened this year in politics....

He's being gentle, which we all should be, as it is the Christmas season.

...Donald Trump — a political neophyte, a New York loudmouth who plays fast and loose with the truth, a massive egotist and a not altogether pleasant human being — has delivered conservatives one of the greatest years in living memory and has made our government more moral in the process....

...After a year of Trump, the economy is in high gear, stocks are up, unemployment is down, energy production is up, business expansion is up and so on; ISIS — which took more than 23,000 square miles of territory after Obama left Iraq and refused to intervene in Syria — is now in control of a Port-o-San and a book of matches; 19 constitutionalist judges have been appointed and 40 more nominated; the biggest regulatory rollback in American history has been launched (boring but yugely important); the rule of law has been re-established at the border; we're out of the absurd and costly Paris Accord; net neutrality, the most cleverly named government power grab ever, is gone; our foreign policy is righted and revitalized; and a mainstream news media that had become little more than the information arm of the Democratic Party is in self-destructive disarray. If the tax bill passes before Christmas, it will cap an unbelievable string of conservative successes....


There are some troubles remaining, of course.  Trump seems to think that the deficit and the national debt are features, not bugs.  And he does have that troublesome Progressive-Moronic couple, JarVanka, hanging around pestering him with really stupid ideas.  He has NOT built the wall, nor has he eradicated Socialist Medicine and the Pocahantas Board.

Next year in Jerusalem??

...Our government is more moral now. How is this possible when Trump has sex with Vladimir Putin disguised as a Russian prostitute, when he kills and eats black people in his spare time, when he hates women and goes into insane temper tantrums fueled by 48 cans of Diet Coke a day?...

...Trump has made our government more moral by making less of it: fewer regulations, fewer judges who will write law instead of obeying the law, fewer bureaucrats seeking to expand the power of their agencies, less money for the government to spend on itself....

Uhmmhhnnmmhhhh.....well.....that's really a 100-year project, assuming that there is no armed insurrection to push it along further.

But yes, he's done well.  Arguably better than Cruz would have and CERTAINLY better than any of the others who thought they were up to it.

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