Sunday, December 17, 2017

Rubio Gets Funding for Illegals

Little Marco seems to have only one enduring objective, which is to give lots of aid and comfort to illegal aliens.  And he managed to pull off another one last week--by screwing larger families!

...The conference bill includes language from the Senate tax plan that allowed parents of so-called “anchor babies” to receive the tax credit.

“In order to receive the child tax credit (i.e., both the refundable and non-refundable portion), a taxpayer must include a Social Security number for each qualifying child for whom the credit is claimed on the tax return,” the bill states.

Jan Ting, a professor of law at Temple University, wrote an analysis recently about the Senate bill’s language.

“Because of birthright citizenship, any children born to illegal aliens become automatic U.S. citizens. Thus, illegal aliens can still receive billions of dollars in tax credits for their U.S.-born children,” Ting wrote in a post on the Center for Immigration Studies website.

Existing law allows taxpayers with a Taxpayer Identification Number to get a refundable tax credit, which many illegal immigrants reportedly have....

I'm confused.  Is Little Marco a United States Senator, or a Senator from Illegals?

So you may ask: how did Little Mario pull this off?

Simple.  Your 16-year-old will not be your child when he/she turns 17!!  See?? 

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