Saturday, December 16, 2017

The FEEBS: Not Just Crooks, But STUPID Crooks!!

It's a two-fer--actually, a three-fer.

You get Stoopid FEEBS #1 and #2 texting about their immoral and illicit screwing and panting. 

Then you get Stoopid FEEBS #s 1 & 2 texting about #1's desire to overthrow the Trump Presidency--and #1 bragging that he has the plan to do so.

Finally, you get Stoopid FEEBS (both of the morons) doing that while in all likelihood being monitored by foreign intel.

"Intel"? you say?  Yup.  Because Stoopid FEEB #1 happens to be the #2 in the FEEB "counter-intel" department.

If it were a criminal offense to be stoopid, both these horny jackwads would be in Leavenworth until their skeletons turned to powder.

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