Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Chai Feldblum: The Poison, and a Pill, Too

The PowerLine people are up in arms over this one.

...Feldblum has been renominated for an EEOC slot as part of a package deal, and those who know Feldblum best are saying that Republicans have been hoodwinked into renominating her.

Some Republicans, apparently including some inside the White House, think it’s fine to put an activist radical on the EEOC in order to get two more Republicans confirmed to the EEOC.

But Feldblum is no ordinary radical. As one lawyer familiar with EEOC practice tells me, “she’s worth three Republicans” because of her radicalism and willingness to fight to transform notions of gender, family, and life....

Like Trannies-in-your-daughter's-bathroom, for example.

The speculation is that the Health, Education, Labor committee members are afraid of the NYSlimes and NPR.  Or that maybe they're just kinda stupid.

I'll give you a far better reason:  most of these creatures are uniformly opposed to right order.  How about some names?  Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and prepare to puke. Violently. 

Lamar Alexander.  Tammy Baldwin.  Hatch.  Murkowski.  Isakson.  Roberts.  Fauxcahontas.  Sanders.  Franken.  Caine.

Yah, I know.  They were elected.  So was--briefly--Hillary Clinton, and for longer, B. Hussein CommieObama. 


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