Thursday, December 21, 2017

More--and Less Useful--Stuff on Fr. Greiten

[We're updating this post, so it will address two different editorials on the topic of Fr. Greiten and Abp. Listecki.  The first editorial is from LifeSite; the second is from New Ways Ministry.]

1)  Generally speaking, I like what LifeSite brings to the table.  They are decidedly counter-cultural in this culture of Mammon, Material, and Death.  But in the Fr. Greiten/homosexual/Abp. Listecki case, LifeSite has gone into screed territory.  Too bad.

The essay has good and bad points, of course.  LifeSite is correct to point out the propaganda-bomb  timing of Fr. Greiten's announcement AND his lengthy 'me, myself, and I' ode to narcissism published in a notoriously anti-Catholic rag.  Yah, that smells very bad.  Greiten is so busy self-obsessing that he doesn't mention little things like Christ, reconciliation, penance....yah, it's smelly.  But Greiten's biggest problem is that he's been seriously manipulated, which tends to show that he's not very bright.  (That shows in the New Ways item, too).

On the other hand, LifeSite is very displeased that Greiten did not explicitly affirm his personal chastity.  I know that being "celibate"--which Greiten mentions prominently--is not the same as being "chaste."  Celibacy implies, but does not affirm, chastity.  But is LifeSite looking for a nationally-circulated confession of sins from Fr. Greiten, or an affirmation of sinlessness?  That's a bit voyeuristic, no?  On that one, I'll give Greiten the benefit of the doubt, acknowledging that there is plenty of doubt to be had, but looking again at his not-so-bright decision to go public.

But LifeSite's cannon-fire is really directed at Abp. Listecki, who issued a study in anodyne writing responding to the matter.

Umnnnhhhhh.....why slam Listecki?  What is HE supposed to do?  He didn't ordain Greiten; Greiten has not committed any publicly-known grievous sins.  Should Listecki send Greiten to Bolivia?  South Dakota?  Just from a pragmatic point of view, that creates a vacancy and Listecki has very limited reserves.  The Packers have more reserve running backs than Listecki has reserve priests.

It's possible that Fr. Greiten will act out further, of course.  He's "out" far enough now; if he's smart, he will sit down, shut up, and be chaste. 

We'll see.

2)  As to the New Ways Ministry item, it is crucial to bear in mind that the outlet is completely opposed to Church teaching on all matters homosexual and tranny.  IOW, they have an agenda, and they are very good at pushing it through subtle lying and straw-man tactics.

The first thing to understand is this:  there is a VERY big difference between 'support' of Greiten as a human being (which Listecki does) and 'support' of homosex activity (which Listecki clearly does NOT.)  But NWM is smart; they know that bannering "support" will confuse a lot of folks.

The next thing to understand is that NWM also deliberately confuses matters (as does Greiten, by the way) by insinuating that "the Church" is aggressively inimical to homosexuals.  

...For priests, coming out as gay can be risky.....when priests do come out, there are still risks involved. Few church leaders encourage gay priests to be public about their sexual orientation. In some cases, priests who come out can be punished...For example, Warren Hall, a gay priest from the Archdiocese of Newark....

Blah, blah, blah.  This is the "They're all MEANIES" crap we've come to expect from the Professionally Aggrieved who, not by coincidence, all seem to despise natural law

And it is bullshit.  Hall was a homosexual activist, was told to shut up, refused to do so, and was kicked out.  And yes, Bishops do not "encourage" priests to yap about their orientation, no matter what it may be.  They also do not "encourage" priests to yap about their political leanings, or their preference of alcoholic beverages, nor boxers v. briefs.  Priests have FAR more important things to "express" about, such as salvation, repentance, sin, mercy.  Here again, we note that Fr. Greiten bit into the manipulation-apple, thinking that he would be a shining example of "goodness," when in fact, he handed a propaganda opportunity to some very, very, bad people.

Keep 'r' movin'.....

...More church leaders voicing their support for gay priests would allow more priests to come out, a healthy and life-giving decision for them and for the Church. Unfortunately, such public support is unlikely to appear soon....

That is an assertion without any evidence whatsoever, outside of psychobabble therapeutics.  NWM is showing its stark, raving, fear that homosexuality remains a grave disorder for priests and therefore is NOT "expressed" publicly.  NWM needs flesh upon which to feed, so it fantasizes that having more "out" homosexual priests is 'healthy' and 'life-giving.'  It's the opposite, but that's not in the interests of NWM and its allies.

In the end, this is much LESS a story than the Homosex Activists want it to be.  A priest in a small parish in a small Archdiocese says he's gay; his Archbishop says that he will be respected as a human being.


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GOR said...

Basically this is narcissism – which is a hallmark of homosexuality. “It is all about ME…” There is nothing ‘brave’, ‘healthy’ or ‘self-affirming’ about a priest using the pulpit to profess he’s ‘gay’.

As long as he is trying to live his vocation in chastity, who cares? But by using his position to proclaim his homosexuality, he is promoting it as if it were a ‘good’ – something to aspire to.

It is not - nor ever can be, despite the protestations of the ‘Gay Lobby’ – epitomized in the Church by the likes of New Ways Ministry.