Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Chant

Happened to be at a local church celebration of the EF Mass last night, and of course, Gregorian Chant was used.

Here's Thomas Merton on the Chant:

“But the cold stones of the Abbey church ring with a chant that glows with living flame, with a clean, profound desire. It is an austere warmth, the warmth of Gregorian chant. It is deep beyond ordinary emotion, and that is one reason why you never get tired of it. It never wears you out by making a lot of cheap demands on your sensibilities. Instead of drawing you out into the open field of feelings where your enemies, the devil and your own imagination and the inherent vulgarity of your own corrupted nature can get at you with their blades and cut you to pieces, it draws you within, where you are lulled in peace and recollection and where you find God.”  Thomas Merton, The Seven Storey Mountain, Part 3, ch. 4, page 379

Yup.  And if you want to know Chant as it should be, then venture to the Cistercian monastery at U of Dallas and find the choir run by Fr. Ralph March.  Or--if you can find it--catch Paul Salamunovich's "Christmas" album, which has a nice chunk of Chant within.

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William said...

I've always found Chant strangely compelling. When I ran over the road, I used to listen to a cd of it that a buddy sent me.

Anonymous said...