Sunday, September 27, 2015

Splendid Digs for EPA, No Electricity for YOU!

Recently, EPA imposed regulations on utilities which will increase the cost of electricity by a (national) average of 16%.  That means that your $75.00 electric bill will soon be $86.00 or so--and even more in coal-dependent States such as the entire Upper Midwest.


Meantime, EPA has decked out its new offices, spending NINETY TWO MILLION DOLLARS on  high-end furniture from Herman Miller and Knoll.  (Where's KI??  Steelcase??)

How to get to such a number?  Well, begin with an $813.00 pencil-box. 

Yup.  I said $813.00 for a friggin' PENCIL BOX.  About the same as the Pentagon's toilet.

Then there's the $4,200.00 chair, and the $5,500.00 hexagonal table and the $6400.00 hickory chairs....

It is good to be King, eh?

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